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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Awesome ARUNDHATI ROY at Town Hall Seattle Tonight, along with ARUNDHATI ROY videos

MP3 File

As many of you know, I quote one of Arundhati Roy's quotes all the times at the end of my blog and podcast posts which is:

"....a political struggle that does not have women at the heart of it, above it, below it and within it is no struggle at all.”

-Arundhati Roy

So it goes without saying that I encourage you to see her tonight...or forward this to your friends who may be in the Pacific Northwest!

The below Excerpt is from elliottbaybookwebsite:

Co-presented with SEATTLE ARTS & LECTURES. We are delighted and honored to again help present one of the most vital, arresting writers at work in the world today, Arundhati Roy. The Booker Prize-winning author of the 1997 novel, The God of Small Things, and the author, since, of a series of compelling, political non-fiction books, it is with the most recent of these, Field Notes on Democracy: Listening to Grasshoppers (Haymarket Books), that she visits Seattle this evening. "After so much celebratory salesmanship about India the 'emerging market,' Roy draws us into India the actual country, peeling away the gloss until we are confronted with perhaps the most challenging question of our time: who and what are we willing to sacrifice in the name of development? Roy is one of the most confident and original thinkers of our time." - Naomi Klein. "Arundhati Roy, the direct descendant of Antigone, resists and denounces all tyrannies, pleads for their victims, and unflinchingly questions the tragic. Reflect with her on the questions she receives from the political world today." - John Berger. Tickets and information are available via Seattle Arts Lectures at or (206) 621-2230. Town Hall Seattle is at 1119 Eighth Avenue (at Seneca).


The Elliott Bay Book Company

101 S. Main St.

Seattle, Washington 98104

End of Excerpt.



One of my personal favorites ---> video Public Power in the Age of Empire: War, Resistance and the Presidency (Democracy Now! / August 23rd 2004)

video Arundhati Roy on India, Iraq, U.S. Empire and Dissent

(Democracy Now! / May 23rd 2006)


Speech: “Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy, Buy One Get One Free” (Democracy Now! / October 24th 2003)

audio Arundhati Roy Speaks On War, Terror and the Logic of Empire (Democracy Now! / October 19th 2001)

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Love for the people,

"....a political struggle that does not have women at the heart of it, above it, below it and within it is no struggle at all.”

-Arundhati Roy, Quoted from her speech: '2004 Sydney Peace Prize Lecture' (The entire speech is available online, search for the title)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Highly Recommended: Search For Missing Women Website

Highly recommended. Enough Said.


Actually, lets give an excerpt from a recent post:

Eleanor Salotto, Update: Among List/Map of Many Recent Missing Women In Virginia


Two different posters on the Find Morgan [Morgan Dana Harrington] forum, give detailed information on some recent unsolved murders and missing persons in Virginia. One gives a map and another gives a list of names.

Important Side Note: Zorina Rose Williams also should be on the map and on the list but is not. Her name and photo are listed on the Virginia Police Department missing persons page, as seen here.
Age: 41
Sex: Female
Race: Black
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Height: 5′4″
Weight: 154lbs
Missing From: Newport News, Virginia
Missing Since: 02/04/2010

Details: Zorina was last seen on February 4, 2010.
She has a birthmark on the left side of her face.

Newport News Police Department
Officer Pointer

Zorina is included in our Film, The Search For Missing Women Film Series, Eleanor Salotto, Film 1, but we have been unable to locate a single newspaper article about her despite very extensive searches. Zorina is Black, and her social class and racial background may have something to do with the unfortunate lack of media coverage that her disappearance is unfortunately receiving, as explained in vivid detail on the Black and Missing But Not Forgotten Website at in regards to Cassandra Morton, also Black, who also had great difficulty getting media coverage when she disappeared from Lynchburg, Virginia. For a map that includes Zorina Rose Williams please click here.

Eleanor Elizabeth Salotto, 47, was last seen in Lynchburg around 4 p.m. Thursday, [Feb 11th, 2010] officials said in a press release. Salotto was described as 5’7” and approximately 130 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a lavender baseball cap, a lavender sweater with a red shirt underneath, black pants, and tennis shoes.

Police ask anyone with information to call the Lynchburg Emergency Communications Center at (434) 847-1602 or (434) 847-1603 or the police department at (434) 455-6041.

Important: Only after you contact the police with research and tips, please also email your research and tips to us about Eleanor Salotta, Zorina Rose Williams and other missing women in the Virginia area for this film series.


The map and list below was not created by anyone affiliated with this Film Series and website.


This map, found by clicking here, was created by a poster on the find morgan forum.

Below is an excerpt from a different post originally Posted on 2-18-2010, 04:56 PM

Sent the following email to local television stations and newspapers today. I can find no updates or no additional information on any of the missing women at this time.

Copy of Email…..

Good afternoon,

Just inquiring if there are any updates or anyone following any of the current missing people in our area? The ones highlighted in [bold] below are the ones I’m referring to. I just can’t understand that there doesn’t seem to be much interest in them. Probably the police are not releasing much information but are there reporters assigned actively to get any stories on these women?

Thanks for your time
Deborah _____________
Resident of Bedford County Virginia
Employed in Roanoke County Virginia

Looking back into some Va missing person/murder history – we had issues during the 29 stalker and the Parkway Murders. Now, we have a rash of missing people. Here is a VERY rough draft of recent murders/missing.

August 28 2009 Body of Heidi Childs and David Metzler found murdered in Montgomery County
VA. Heidi was 18 and a VT student. Both Heidi and David were from Lynchburg and both were VT students

Oct 10, 2009 Cassandra Morton of Lynchburg VA is missing. 23 years old. 5′6″ and 125lb
Her remains were discovered on Candlers Mtn / Liberty University Property on
11/29 Her death ruled a homicide

Oct 17, 2009 Morgan Dana Harrington went missing from Charlottesville VA 20 years old
5′ 6″ 120lbs VT college student. Her remains were discovered on Anchorage Farm, Albemarle County on 1/26/10 Her death ruled a homicide

Dec 9 2009 Laticia “Tish” Faust of Patrick County VA 5′4 155lbs missing from Floyd Co VA
(she lived in Patrick County) 50 years old
Car found in Franklin County Va – on the Blue Ridge Parkway. LE has searched a nearby pond and wooded areas. One of her sandals was found by a cadaver dog.

Dec 30 2009 Kristan Fox Louisa County VA 26 years old. College Student. Suspicious death
Taken to a hospital in Charlottesville the night she died.

Jan 15 2010 Kelly Catalano of Chesterfield Co VA Missing 40 yrs old 5′9 145lbs
active on companys softball team

Jan 24 2010 Joan Renee Cook of Roanoke Co VA Missing 45 yrs old 5′6 120lbs
no info yet of her activities – has a seven year old daughter.

Jan 25 2010 Jill Edmonds 40 disappeared from Richmond. Her vehicle was found abandoned on the shoulder of the northbound lanes of the Powhite Parkway as it crosses the James River. described as a black female, 40 years old, 5’4” tall, 1 57 pounds with straight, shoulder-length black hair.

Feb 11 2010 Eleanor Salotta of Campbell Co (Lynchburg) VA Missing [47] yrs old
5′7″ 130 lbs Professor at Sweet Briar College located off rt 29 between Lynchburg and Charlottesville.