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Monday, February 2, 2009

To learn more about Peace Points please click one of the links below.

Below are two different versions of the information flyer:

You can also easily download the JPG version and place it into your blogs.

Details. Writers and Bloggers can receive points as long as these conditions are met:

* You can receive no more than 10 points per day, and no more than 250 points per month.

* You can only receive points for your original writing. Due to liabilities, potential royalty claims of writers and copyright laws we can not offer points for posts that you copy and paste from somewhere else on the internet.

* Every Blog Post (or comment to another person's blog post) must have a total of 500 words or more
to earn five points.

* Every Post (or comment on someone else's post) on a Discussion forum must have a total of 500 words or more
to earn five points.

* Every Note (or comment on someone else's note) on the Note Board must have a total of 500 words or more
to earn five points.

* For every 500 points that you accrue you are eligible to receive a $5.00 gift certificate to the organization or progressive business of your choice that is currently participating in our Peace Points Mutual-aid Network.

* People can spend their points on gift certificates to Independent Organizations and Fair Trade businesses of their choice for whom we currently have Gift Certificates.

We have shared this Peace points idea with several progressive groups and so far we are happy to offer gift certificates to such awesome groups as...


*Microcosm Publishing

* *The Beauty of Barter


...and many more!

For questions about peace points please feel free to call us 24 hours a day at (206) 337-1556 or send an email to peacecommunities atsymbol

Love, Solidarity, Peace,

-Your Friends in the Peace Communities, the Freeschool Community of Olympia and the Mutualist Project

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