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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Circulate This: Fire The NY Post Editor And Cancel the FCC Waivers


Demonstrators protest outside New York Post Midtown headquarters Thursday to protest a cartoon that many felt compared President Obama to a rampaging chimpanzee.

Dear friends worldwide working for equality,

Recently, the New York Post (owned by Fox News aka Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation) ran a clearly racist cartoon with two police officers shooting a monkey and making reference to not simply a Black Person but also a Black President.

In the last 30 seconds of the video on this page Amy Goodman asks Al Sharpton: Do you think Rupert Murdoch should be investigated overall? And Al Sharpton states that the FCC waivers that allowed Rupert Murdoch to own Two television stations and a newspaper in New York City should be 'reviewed.' Those FCC waivers should be cancelled and they should have never been permitted by such an extremist, racially biased newspaper.

Personally, I don't mind telling you that I do not believe in voting for politicians, but the greater issue here is not that the cartoon was directed at the president, but the racist tones of the image towards any Black person. I want to say thank you to everyone keeping attention on the New York Post's increasingly overt, racially biased and oppressive media tactics. What is most amazing about this issue, is that I think they were just 'testing the waters' to see how far they could go with clearly racist text and graphic slurs of a Black person. Had such a clearly racist text and graphic racial slur been done against an Irish President of the USA we would already have seen several people fired from that newspaper including the Editor.

Adams for News

Rev. Al Sharpton delivers a speech during a protest in front of the News Corp. building with film director Spike Lee at his side.

Spike Lee is calling for a Boycott of the New York Post by celebrities and I hope we can get the word out.
Info here:

Many more groups are calling for the editor to be fired as well.

I'm going to post that letter on my blog and read it to people on my podcast and online radio show.

I would like to ask that others get the word out as well and let others know about the boycott and the call to have the editor fired.

Our actions as Black people in this matter will send a clear message to Corporate Media about how far they can go with clearly racist messages.

The Color of Change has posted a letter for people to circulate calling for the New York Post Editor to be fired and I support it and I hope you will circulate it. The below link contains the letter (that I have also printed below) that makes it very easy to use the form and very easy to send the letter.

Solidarity for a better world of equality,

Love for the people,
-T. Love
black man f.l.u.f.f.

To listen to a 10 minute audio broadcast summary of this article or to download it please click the MP3 file below:
MP3 File


To: Paul V. Carlucci, Publisher, New York Post
Cc: Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

New York Post
1211 Avenue of Americas
New York, NY 10036

Dear Mr. Carlucci,

I was shocked and saddened by the New York Post's recent publication of Sean Delonas' cartoon depicting a bullet-riddled chimpanzee, killed by police and thus unable "to write the next stimulus bill." The image evoked a long history of racially-charged comparisons of Black people to monkeys and pandered -- intentionally or not -- to a fringe element that fantasizes about violence against President Obama.

I am writing to ask that you publish an apology. I also ask that whichever editor approved Delonas' cartoon for publication be fired, whether it was Editorial Page Editor Bob McManus, Editor Col Allan, or another senior manager in the newsroom. I ask that you determine who was responsible and hold that person accountable.

I was particularly concerned by the Post's sole response to readers who found the image to have racist undertones. The callous statement Col Allan issued Wednesday denies a historical reality, and for him to claim ignorance of this history raises questions about his ability to effectively lead a daily newspaper geared toward a mainstream and multiracial audience.

Please publish an apology that acknowledges that it was a mistake for the Post to publish this cartoon and fire the person responsible.


[Your name]


  1. Murdoch is a menace to a free information society. look at OUTFOXED
    use this in the fight for the FCC waivers should to be canceled. he also has a notorious reputation in Great Britain, they want him out of there also.

  2. Dear Eric,

    Thanks for the link. Good idea!


    Love for the people,