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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fem2pt0 feminist web conference chooses Porn Profiteer as One of Top 30 'Feminist' Blogs. Do you think that a porn profiteer should be listed as one of the "Top 30" Feminist blogs?

Yesterday I posted a very long comment to the Womanist Musing blog and while there I read The below comment on that post titled: "Looking at Fem2pt0 and the Feminist Web."   I was not the person who posted it but I am posting it here because I think it is worth noting.

Love for the people,



Be sure to read the below post first to understand the comments are below.


Lots already covered here. I'll just register my unhappiness at seeing that amptoons IS STILL AROUND. Why has this sanctimonious little hypocrite not been run off the feminist blogosphere for using pornography to support it? It makes me absolutely incandescent with rage to see this person's blog still considered an influential feminist blog. It is not feminist. It is a travesty. It is a lie.

(Don't believe me? He fully admits to letting himself be paid off by the pornographic little [CENSORED] who run his servers:

Please do feel free to remove the above link if you don't want to accidentally support his miserable little blog via linkage.


Sorry. Back to your scheduled blogging...


Here is an excerpt from

"As folks may recall, last year “,” the domain that hosts “Alas, a Blog,” was sold to someone whose business is “optimizing search” results on google. (His clients are mostly porn sites. Details about the sale are here.)

"The sale required “Alas” to remain on the “amptoons” server for at least a year. Although that initial year has passed, I’ve decided to keep “Alas” where it is. Staying on “amptoons” means the owner of “amptoons” will pay me $500 every three months. These payments will be donated to charity. (I’ve exchanged emails with my co-bloggers about this plan, and we’ve all agreed to it.)

"I know it’ll disappoint some folks that we’re not leaving the domain. I’m not looking to rehash those arguments. I am posting about this decision publicly because I think the worse mistake I made, when I sold “amptoons,” was initially keeping the sale a secret.

"I have recently received the first two payments in a $1000 lump (the next payment is due in March).

  Read the full story here:


My question is simple:

Do you think that a porn profiteer should be listed as one of the "Top 30" Feminist blogs by a  feminist web conference?


  1. To clarify, the list presented at Fem2.0 was generated by an independent research company called Linkfluence, based on network science, which gives authority according to how many links go into and out of a site, in this case, around indicator "feminist" issues like violence against women, reproductive rights and pay equity. There was no value-laden "selection" of the list. Trying to ascribe judgment of fem2.0 about this list is meaningless.

  2. Dear Gloria,

    How are ya? Well, I hope. You deserve happiness, Gloria. I mean that. Honestly. Your comment caught me at one of my happiest moments ever.

    I've decided I won't even comment because of two things:
    #1. I'm feeling so happy that I only wanna spread happiness. :)
    #2. Everything I said in the above post I stand by... and I acknowledge, respect, appreciate and am grateful for your comment.

    I just made the below podcast

    It is titled: 'The Love-Intense Motivational Anti-Depression Podcast -The Freeschool Loves You, Personally, Individually & So Do I! Rewind & Replay til' you're happy.'

    So, that is my only reply to your comment. If I said anything to offend you, I apologize for the hurt, yet I do not retract my words nor would I change a thing that I said.

    Everyone deserves happiness. :)

    Love for you, Love for the people, :)

  3. "Feminists Should've Boycotted Fem 2.0"

    The below link has, by far, the most detailed background information to Why Feminists Should have Boycotted Fem 2.0 Conference. An absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly well researched article about how corporate interests are sucking the life out of the feminist movement and using feminists to promote corporations and give awards to corporate-friendly pseudo-feminist bloggers.

    Great article here:

    Love for the people,

    "....a political struggle that does not have women at the heart of it, above it, below it and within it is no struggle at all.”

    -Arundhati Roy, Quoted from her speech: '2004 Sydney Peace Prize Lecture' (The entire speech is available online, search for the title)

  4. Thanks for circulating my blog post, "Feminists Should Have Boycotted Fem 2.0,"; however, I do not see that you have credited me for having written this post anywhere. My post is here:


    Heart/Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff
    Women's Space

  5. Dear Heart/ Cheryl, Thanks for your pleasant words. You are welcome for the blog post that I put up.

    You were indeed credited with the name I found on your blog post and also numerous links to your website and now I have updated it and included your entire comment with even more links to your website, so now there are about 4-8 links to your website in one article. The permanent link web address for the article you mentioned is

    The permanent link web address for the follow up article about
    'Post Swiping' is -

    Please be so kind as to add that link to your blog's post swiping article because the comments seem to be closed on your blog. Thanks.

    Keep working for a better world, :)

    Have a beautiful evening,

    Love for the people,