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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vote For The Rebels! Daisy's Dead Air Blog & For Renee of WomanistMusings in the Feminist Awards. Send this on Twitter:

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Ay friends,

Canadian F-Words is having their Blog Awards.

There are two blogs I want to encourage you to vote for.

Vote for Daisy's Dead Air in the International Category- it is great blog and more importantly, she has great comments on other blogs.

She had a great blog post on that guy who was beat blind by Police, plus a lot of great comments in the Digital Colonial issue blog post.

Vote here:

Vote for Womanist-Musings - it is great blog. I sent her an article about Police mysteriously killing a Black guy (that the NAACP have stated was not a suicide as the cops want people to believe) and she published it and there are a lot of feminist and progressive blogs that do not publish guest post blog issues about people of color injustices.

Vote for her in all these categories:

I wanted to encourage my readers to not only vote for them... but to encourage them to send out a message on their Twitter accounts encouraging their friends to vote for them.

I'm not affiliated with the awards in any way, manner of form but I think they deserve more credit than they get for speaking up for so many marginalized groups and people of color.

Keep up the great work! :)

Love for the people,


Twitter this message:
Vote 4the rebels! Daisy's Dead Air Blog &4 Renee/WomanistMusings in Feminist Awards -Share #rebelleft #woc #fem2

or twitter this message:

Feminist Blog Awards: Vote 4 women who speak up 4 LGBTQ, poc & marginalized


Friday, April 10, 2009

SouthPark made KanyeWest reform. Southpark should address free healthcare and free college!

Ay friends,

Did you see the recent South Park episode? Me neither... til it made the news because Kanye West finally decided to check his ego because of it! *happy laughter*

Wow! A SouthPark episode about... *gasp*... about Black person......and *gasp*...Gay people... that causes real reform! We need to get south park to mock more self-righteous politicians who refuse to give us free healthcare and free of charge college education! *happy laughter*

The episode found by going here < > and click on 'Watch This Full Episode'

Or (if they pulled that one like they pulled the Youtube ones) you can see it here:

or here

Kanye's response on his blog afterwards (which made the whole thing most interesting) is here:

One of many news links about it is here:

Yea, I know, I usually don't go for the whole celebrity news thing, but the idea of a cartoon with Black people and extremely inappropriate and politically incorrect jokes was just waaaAAAAAAy too much to resist for a Black clown like myself! *happy laughter*

Love for the people,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reasons Why Capitalism is Terrible- Reason # 1,234.678

fail owned pwned pictures

Photo Submitted by Jame R

Red & Black Cafe - April Communique, RIOT FOLK CD RELEASE SHOW

I love the Red and Black cafe. They hosted an event free for the Radical Road Trip last year. Plus RIOT FOLK CD RELEASE SHOW is 4.16 and they always support the Freeschool in Olympia. I am cofounder of the Radical feminist Distro for music made by Brenna of Riotfolk. Please support them all.

Love for the people,


Red and Black Cafe Communique - April

Red & Black Cafe - April Communique

Greetings, Comrades! This is the fourth intentional communication from the Booking Committee at the Red and Black Café!
Red and Black Café Communique

Greetings, Comrades! This is the fourth intentional communication from the Booking Committee at the Red and Black Café! After a long, hectic March full of schizophrenic weather, we approach April with some weariness. There are still some fantastic things happening, though, so please check out the full list of events and come out! All events stat at 7pm unless otherwise noted.


Cascadia Rising Tide has an event at the café on the first Sunday of every month. It is typically a film screening, but it can also be another kind of presentation, reportback on a conference, or something else related to the issue of climate change and ways to fight it. Come on down!


The Anti-Imperialists have their film screening the first Tuesday of every month. Films are followed by a facilitated discussion. Come check them out!


Okay, so this isn't exactly an event. But it's worth noting that the café will be closed on April 8th for a staff meeting and cleaning day. Sorry. We'll put out some free coffee for you.


This is going to be a great music show. Gretna Green is on tour from Canada and can use the support! Please bring some money to donate, if you can, since touring can be grueling and expensive.


Tansy & Tarweed will be playing this show with Aryeh Gorif in support of their split CD release. Riot Folk are always a good time, so come show some support.


Remember Jeffrey "Free" Luers? He's in jail for setting some SUVs on fire. But he'll be out really soon, and doesn't want people to forget him! He also needs some money to buy some necessities once he's out.
This will be a bleep-bleep-blip-blip dance party courtesy of Waxin' Wary, Spamtron and Cupcake Island. All money raised will go to Free's "getting' out of jail soon" fund.


The Stumptown Strugglers are back from tour! Hooray! And you can see them play at the Red and Black. Also playing will be the amazing Hazel (of the Dapper Cadavers) and Lila. Olde tymey bliss.


Yep, Queer Movie Night is happening this month! For reals, it will hopefully be happening on the third Tuesday of every month. Come check it out!


The support has been overwhelming for the six activists (four in California and two in Utah) being tried as "terrorists" for violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. The combined benefits for the AETA 4 have thus far raised more than $1300! And there's still two left!

Please come to this show and throw a little more down for Alex, BJ, and Jordan (the grand jury resistor). There will be music by Coffin Ship, Slow Teeth, and Cory Sabin. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Solidarity!


And speaking of political prisoners, did you know that we have a prisoner letter writing night on the LAST TUESDAY of every month? Also, did you know that if you write a letter and turn it into a worker, we will give you 10% off your bill? Please, no blank letters or ranting about how good your sandwich is. Everything else is fair game.

We'll provide pens, stamps, a list of prisoners. All you have to do is show up. Not too much to ask, right?

Keep an eye out for the printed calendars around town. You can't miss them. Also, we're now booking for May. Want to book an event? Email us at: - and remember, the deadline is April 25th!

In Solidarity,
Red and Black Collective

homepage: homepage:
phone: phone: 503-231-3899
address: address: 400 SE 12th avenue at Oak, Portland, Oregon


Circulate the below message on Twitter. It is less than 140 Characters:

I love the Red&Black Cafe - R&B Cafe April Communique w/ 8 Awesome Events - Share #rebelleft #portland


Immigrant Ally Workshop- 6PM @ Cascade People's Center - No Human is Illegal

Dear friends,

Interesting event below.

Love for the people,

author: Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites

Believe in better rights for immigrants but aren’t sure how to make it happen? Come to the Immigrant Ally Workshop!
Wednesday April 8th
6 PM Potluck, Workshop at 6:30
at Cascade People's Center (309 Pontius Ave N)

The Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites invites you to a workshop that will explore immigration history and analysis of race, class and whiteness as they influence immigration politics and policies. Best of all, we’ll present practical ways white people can advocate for improvements in immigrant rights within our own communities. The material for this workshop is designed for white folks who are interested in using privilege to support immigrant rights. All people are welcome to attend. The workshop is a great way to get ready for the May 1st march for immigrant rights!

Immigrant Ally Workshop
Wednesday April 8th
6 pm potluck
6:30-8:30 activities and discussion
Cascade People’s Center ~ 309 Pontius Ave N (near REI)

CARW is a group of white people in the Seattle area working to undo institutional racism and white privilege through education and organizing in white communities and active support of people of color-led organizations. We support the self-determination of people of color, honor their leadership and are held accountable to people of color-led organizations. More info at

Friday, April 3, 2009

Open Letter and Petition: Please Don't Allow Bias, Homophobia and Transphobia to Influence the Off Our Backs Collective

Dear friends at Off Our Backs and friends around the world,

Hello. First I want to say that I love your magazine and have loved it ever since I found out about it many years ago. I encourage people to read it every where I go and have copies in my house displayed at all times.

Second, I want to ask that you and all people sign the Petition titled:

Save Off Our Backs Magazine - Please Don't Allow Homophobia, Transphobia and all Bias to Influence the Off Our Backs Magazine Collective

The link to the petition is here:

I write for several blogs one of which is called: Black Man F.L.U.F.F a feminist blog found here:

I have been a feminist for most of my life, traveling the country giving workshops about Patriarchy at conferences such as Z Media Institute, the Annual International A world Beyond Capitalism Conference and many more and have had my writing appear in numerous activist publications, feminist blogs and radical activist publications such as Slingshot, as found at the following link in the current article of Slingshot:

I recently published an article by Heart (also known as Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff) on my blog and promoted it on my podcast and online radio show, which eventually led into discovering her website, and then starting a conversation in which I asked her several questions about her transphobic activities and although she left many comments on my blog, I received no answers at all in regards to the questions about her involvement with transphobic activities as you will see on the below link:

I also asked her several questions about her habit of cultural misappropriation and using women or color photos for her blogs without giving credit to the photographers or attribution. Once again although she left many comments on my blog, yet I received no answers at all in regards to the questions about her involvement in cultural misappropriation and using women or color photos for her blogs without giving credit to the photographers or attribution(and she continues the habit) as you will see on the above link.

I recently learned on Heart's Blog at that she is now a volunteer for Off Our Backs. If Heart was not involved in transphobic activities, and not involved in using women or color photos for her blogs without giving attribution even when requested by the photo owners, I would think that is a good thing.

However, I personally think Heart being part of the OOB collective and influencing OOB articles is a grave error for many reasons, one of which is because she is very actively involved in transphobic activities and many people of color, including prominent feminist bloggers and feminists of all sexual orientations and of many races (even people within the Radical Feminist movement) have spoken out against her activities. This includes her transphobic RadFem carnival as you will see on the below 350+ comment link that was published to the website of Renee, a woman of color womanist (Renee chooses not to use the title feminist due to reasons of race and lack of solidarity within the feminist movement):

Heart states on her blog on April 3rd, 2009:

"While I will continue to blog, publishing paper issues of oob will be my focus in the coming months and will occupy a lot of my time."

I also went to the new Oob blog at

and it states:

the off our backs team

At the bottom of the list of the Women's Space blog. I have noticed the 'Radical Feminist Carnival' tab at the top of her 'Women's Space' I am very interested in knowing the OOB thoughts about the sexist, “transphobic screed” (as Renee of Womanist Musings calls it) that many people in the Radical Feminist Carnival support as made very evident on the 352+ comment blog posts at womanist musings found at the above link titled 'radical feminists'

Here is a better article that Renee of Womanist musings wrote:

Here is how here the article starts off:

“It was brought to my attention that a post of mine has appeared in the latest Radfem carnival. I was alerted yesterday morning via twitter. Much to my horror, when I went to check for myself, it was buried in the middle of their usual transphobic screed. In all honesty I cannot remember submitting to the carnival. Even if I did submit a post, the kind of disgusting trans hatred that these women adhere to is something that I could never support.”

And when you click on 'Radfem carnival' (as I just did) this is what it states at the top:

“Many thanks to all the contributers with a special thank you to Carnival organiser, Heart, at Womensspace.”

That is, Heart, Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff, of womensspace who is now listed as a member of OOB.

It is clear that such Transgendered Bias is dividing the women's equality movement when reading the below post by Transgendered woman of color feminist who was involved in the 350+ confrontation of prejudice with Radical feminists:

The article is titled: "Journey To Womanist-hood published in March 2009"

This is how that article, posted March 31st, 2009 starts out:

"As a transwoman of African descent I've developed during my 15 plus year transition a distaste for feminism. Much of that dislike of it is multifaceted, but has its roots in the virulent disco-era hatred still expressed by some rad fem drones. It's also fueled by witnessing the lack of support, disrespect, back stabbing and drama given to Black women to the point that they left the movement."

So I would like to respectfully ask two questions:

#1. Is the OOB collective aware of the Transphobic position and Transphobic organizing activities that Heart, Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff participates in and actively promotes?

#2. Is the OOB collective aware that Heart, Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff participates in taking women or color photos for her blogs without giving attribution even when requested by the photo owners?

#3. I searched the OOB website hoping to find a solidarity statement in regards to Transgendered people. Can you please tell me the OOB position on Transgendered people solidarity?

I am publishing this as an Open Letter, rather than sending it to your contact email for the following reason:

When I went to your website at at the bottom it states "Questions, queries, comments? Please email." and when you click on the email address this is the email address that comes up:

So, as you can imagine I am concerned that my email may not be delivered to you if I sent it to

Thank you for your time,

Thank you very much for your thoughts, Keep up the great work,

Love for the people,

-T. Love

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free Open House at Emma Goldman Finishing School


What: Open House at the Emma Goldman Finishing School

        When: Sunday, April 5, 6-8 p.m.

          Where: 1309 13th Ave S., Seattle WA. 98144

            How: bus #36 or #60; drive if you must:c)

              Help: call 206/324-6822 for directions.

 We are our having our monthly open house on Sunday, April 5, at 6-8 p.m.

         Please bring your friends & family, a vegetarian dish or    
          beverage to share, and your own sweet self . . . .

                Check us out @ our website:

         One Love! from the folks at the Emma Goldman Finishing School