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Friday, April 10, 2009

SouthPark made KanyeWest reform. Southpark should address free healthcare and free college!

Ay friends,

Did you see the recent South Park episode? Me neither... til it made the news because Kanye West finally decided to check his ego because of it! *happy laughter*

Wow! A SouthPark episode about... *gasp*... about Black person......and *gasp*...Gay people... that causes real reform! We need to get south park to mock more self-righteous politicians who refuse to give us free healthcare and free of charge college education! *happy laughter*

The episode found by going here < > and click on 'Watch This Full Episode'

Or (if they pulled that one like they pulled the Youtube ones) you can see it here:

or here

Kanye's response on his blog afterwards (which made the whole thing most interesting) is here:

One of many news links about it is here:

Yea, I know, I usually don't go for the whole celebrity news thing, but the idea of a cartoon with Black people and extremely inappropriate and politically incorrect jokes was just waaaAAAAAAy too much to resist for a Black clown like myself! *happy laughter*

Love for the people,


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