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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vote For The Rebels! Daisy's Dead Air Blog & For Renee of WomanistMusings in the Feminist Awards. Send this on Twitter:

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Ay friends,

Canadian F-Words is having their Blog Awards.

There are two blogs I want to encourage you to vote for.

Vote for Daisy's Dead Air in the International Category- it is great blog and more importantly, she has great comments on other blogs.

She had a great blog post on that guy who was beat blind by Police, plus a lot of great comments in the Digital Colonial issue blog post.

Vote here:

Vote for Womanist-Musings - it is great blog. I sent her an article about Police mysteriously killing a Black guy (that the NAACP have stated was not a suicide as the cops want people to believe) and she published it and there are a lot of feminist and progressive blogs that do not publish guest post blog issues about people of color injustices.

Vote for her in all these categories:

I wanted to encourage my readers to not only vote for them... but to encourage them to send out a message on their Twitter accounts encouraging their friends to vote for them.

I'm not affiliated with the awards in any way, manner of form but I think they deserve more credit than they get for speaking up for so many marginalized groups and people of color.

Keep up the great work! :)

Love for the people,


Twitter this message:
Vote 4the rebels! Daisy's Dead Air Blog &4 Renee/WomanistMusings in Feminist Awards -Share #rebelleft #woc #fem2

or twitter this message:

Feminist Blog Awards: Vote 4 women who speak up 4 LGBTQ, poc & marginalized


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