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Friday, February 20, 2009

Police Beat a Man Until He is Blind - More Police Extermination of Black People

Dear allies working for a better world,

I must admit, at times, it did seem like the domain was a bit over the top. But then, after considering the history of this blog, I now realize that I am very glad that is the name of the blog...especially after learning about the News Story where the Police beat a man until he was blind.

[The link below contains a photo of the victim for mature audiences only.]
Renee, has a great article on it as well.

What should I add? Well, I guess since I am a Black male feminist, I should add that I honestly do feel like the police are systematically exterminating Black men in this country (and I have written a very long article on it) that was also published by Slingshot...but doing so in way that victimizes the most financially disadvantaged people. And yet, as a feminist, I think it is more importantlt to note that what the police are doing to Black women with guns, capitalism is doing to all poor people, of all races, with an economy that favors the rich.

Love for the people,
-T. Love
Black Man F.l.u.f.f.

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