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Monday, February 16, 2009

"WE THE PEOPLE" about Homelessness

Dear Allies and folks working for a better world,

The following story was written by the awesome writer at the 2009 Depression Blog found by clicking here -

Love for the people,

-T. Love

I made this video montage with Mandt of Agitdiaries last year, I found the photos, some are from the internet and some are mine. The music is "Tear Drop" by Massive Attack, Liz Fraser....and he assembled it and put it on Youtube. The photos are from around the Country, Seattle, LA, San Diego, Boston, NY, DC, Baltimore, and NOLA, and Portland, and yes, Cleveland.
I am still worried that DC is not acknowledging how many are being hurt here, that due the Housing Situation and the Job Situation there are many more Homeless and people living on the verge....

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