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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

'Silly Bahraini Girl' Guest Post about Internet Censorship and Racism

Dear Allies and folks working for a better world,

Today I woke and decided that I am really tired (not just my standard tired) of all the blogs that only focus on problems within the USA. So I decided to publish a couple articles from folks outside the USA. SO I went looking for some blogs oustide the USA.

The following story was written by the awesome writer at the Silly Bahraini Girl Blog found by clicking here -

I also included the labels at the end of the story because I found those interesting as well.

Love for the people,

-T. Love


February 11, 2009

So the Ministry of Information announces to Reuters that they are "committed to freedom of opinion and expression" but are seeking to "prevent their abuse."

Here's their sorry excuse, where they don't tell us how many sites have been censored but blame the sheer volume on a technicality:

In a written response to questions from Reuters, the Ministry of Information said it was committed to freedom of opinion and expression but seeks to prevent their abuse.

It did not say how many websites are blocked and did not comment on claims access to political forums is prevented.

It said some websites were blocked "as a result of technical mistakes" and it was looking into the use of more advanced technology to prevent those errors.

And in case you are wondering what their solution is to rectify this huge damage tarnishing the reputation of MY country, here's where you can see their sorry remedy:

So now they are protecting you poor children and shielding you from the dangers lurking out there but at the same time asking you to help them save face in front of the international community.

And what is the advanced technology which is helping you Ministry of Information and Censorship in avoiding such errors and major embarrassments in the future?

Instead of wasting money on filtering software from Websense and Smart Filter and treating us - subjects - as children, pour all this money into GOVERNMENT schools and education please. God know how much we need that because the last time I went through the list of Nobel laureates, I didn't see a single Bahraini.

If you really are concerned for children in my country, be open about issues like child abuse, which are hidden in folders gathering dust. Open the court files and let the world know what monstrous men do in the absence of a personal law and how Sharia courts deal with divorce cases and the extreme injustice those mothers and children face, the first for being women and the latter for being underage.

Sadly, in this country, all of us subjects are treated as YOUNG GIRLS. Thank you for ensuring that as a Bahraini, I will always remain young, at least in the eyes of the authorities.


February 10, 2009

Sign the Petition

I'm really curious to know why only 420 people have signed this petition against Internet censorship in Bahrain.

Does this mean that the remainder of the population is in agreement with the draconian law which bans and blocks and censors access to information without a court order - at the whim of some little child who can rest his behind on a chair and tell us what we can and cannot access online?

Are they fine with the rest of the world laughing at our country at a day and age when you cannot block out the sun, cannot say no to free speech and cannot, under any circumstances, block access to information and censor the world wide web?

And while many of you say that such a petition is useless, in a democracy, which we were the last time I checked, petitions are a legitimate and civil means of protest.

By signing the petition, all you do really is clear your conscience and say no to another injustice being committed against you, in your name.

And for those who have told me about how afraid they are to sign this petition, which they insist is useless, because adding their name to the cause will be taken against them at some point, some day, I would like to give you all a big hug and tell you that darkness is spooky, but if you all join hands, and try to draw back the curtains in one big push - maybe you will still be able to let the sun rays in.

Don't let them block the sun. Don't let them terrorise you. You have the right to access information and they shouldn't be allowed to bully you.

And if it really is a law to protect us, then let them stand up and SHUT DOWN the entire Internet -- because we want it all, or nothing at all.

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February 6, 2009

Say NO to Internet Censorship

Ever since realising that I will always be in LKG, never to be promoted to HKG, in my Wonderland, no matter what I do or who I become in life, I have decided to take things easy and sort of relax and let my silliness ooze out, drop by drop, a trickle at a time.

I would sometimes get angry no doubt .. but I would continue in my stride, knowing that nothing I think or hope for or aspire to do to usher in a real CHANGE would ever see the light of day - unless it was something silly, or stupid, or shallow - in keeping with traditions and maintaining the status quo in my Wonderland, of course.

The magic year 2002, signaled a lot of hope to many and I really am proud of myself for not dreaming and letting my stupid thoughts stray away - not one inch, not one centimeter, not one millimeter (hey .. don't push your luck... my math sucks and I can't think of a smaller measurement!)

I am proud to have envisioned, that in our little play group, things will continue to take one step forwards and a few backwards, no matter what grand announcements were made. And don't you ever forget that I was part of that history, and that my fingers typed away lie after lie and promise after promise, giving you one bold headline after the other of how beautiful our tomorrow would be. Poor children. Of course, I was lying and singing you a lullaby, waiting for you to start nodding your heads and hopefully slip away into a sleep you never wake up from. The problem is that you could only sleep in complete darkness, and those flickers of light (read hope) disrupted your sleep, and in your insomnia, you started to plot for grand schemes, ideas such as freedom, and liberty popped into your empty heads and sadistic thoughts inspired by democracy, the decadent West and its imperialistic dreams of destroying us all, to the last standing, sitting and sleeping Muslim Arab.

Dear children,
The time of dreams is over. Wake up and smell the tear gas! Invest in good running shoes and buy good quality helmets: the first will help run away from those monstrous crowds with batons and expired tear gas canisters, while the second will shield your eyes from the wrath of rubber bullets.

And if you have access to the Internet, please sign this petition here, before that too gets banned and your cries are subdued forever!

Sleep tight! You never know what tomorrow holds for you!

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