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Friday, June 5, 2009

Very Special thanks, 90+ photos and slideshow, upcoming East Coast meet-up event coming up

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Dear friends, compañeras, allies, and friends who I will come to know soon who are working for a better world,

Special thanks to everyone who came out to the Radical Media Convergence event (either in person or by spirit *happy laughter*) organized by the Freeschool, the Radical road trip and folks at! You rock!

You will find over 90+ photos of the event here:

A direct link is here:

Special thanks to everyone who helped take photos. :)

Make sure you have your computer speakers on because there is music in the slide show (though very corny I must admit, the other selections I had to choose from were far worse I assure you!) *happy laughter*.

There will probably be more photos added later. John has some more photos and will send me a disc plus Pamela had a bunch of photos and I'll add a few of those too. :)

On another note...

I invite everyone to the Reuniting, Recreating and Relocalizing 2009 (East Coast Meet-up) taking place June 12-14th, 2009 in West Virginia. There will be workshops on creating multicultural communities, workshops on various systems used on the conference site such as rainwater collection, mini-solar power: small scale gardening; food preservation techniques; wild edibles; heating with wood; water conservation techniques and much more.

I will be giving the following workshop:

Workshop: Beyond Reporting the News. Is the second stage of the progressive movement to help create independent, self-sustainable activist communities rather than to simply criticize our oppressors?

Lauren, Bonnie, Fraanc, my friend Charles and many more wonderful folks, activists and couchsurfers will be coming from around the country to be there! We will leave the Baltimore area on the morning of June 12th to head to West Virginia by car and we invite everyone to caravan down with us. We would definitely like more drivers with cars to help out with the Rideshare if possible. :)

The new website is here:

Free food, camping, workshops music and more! :)
Bring your instruments!

WooOOoooo HOOoooooooooooeyy!

Love ya'all!

Love for the people,

For updates on our other events, please subscribe to our radical road trip couchsurfing group found here:

Or better yet, join the Peace Communities, online community with discussion forums about these events found here:

Keep working for a better world everyone. :)

As always, to Leave a Comment about this blog post, please place it on my Peace Community Profile page found by clicking here (where you'll currently see another photo of Emily's huge smile! *happy laughter*).

Love for the people,
You can also search for the short version of this episode in Itunes under the podcast title: 'Volunteers for Three Groups: A World Beyond Capitalism Conference, The Freeschool Community and The Peace Communities' or click here:

Dare to dream of a better world!

"....a political struggle that does not have women at the heart of it, above it, below it and within it is no struggle at all.”

-Arundhati Roy, Quoted from her speech: '2004 Sydney Peace Prize Lecture' (The entire speech is available online, search for the title)

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