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Monday, March 9, 2009

Government Bans Youtube After Youtube Airs Secret Mutiny Tape

Watch this video from PBS site if you cannot watch it here

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Dear friends,

Please share this article all over the world and please forward the below information and let the world know it is unethical for the Bangladesh Government to censor Free media access for their people after an incident involving the murder of over 70 people!

Love for the people,

T. Love
Black man f.l.u.f.f.
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YouTube ban confirmed

It’s not possible to access the popular website youtube ( from Bangladesh. From yesterday (Saturday), a large number of internet users called Prothom Alo to inform about this. A number of internet service provider in the country confirmed this. Apparently, the internet gateway that is used to access the submarine fibre optic cable from Bangladesh, controlled by the Bangladesh Telecom Company Ltd (BTCL), blocks youtube’s IP address. As a result, this popular website is not accessible from Bangladesh.

More info below:

The AFP reports:

Bangladesh blocks YouTube over mutiny tape: govt source

DHAKA (AFP) — Bangladesh has blocked the video sharing website YouTube for hosting a recorded conversation between the newly elected prime minister and the country's powerful army officers, officials said Sunday.

The violence in the capital Dhaka 10 days ago left at least 74 people dead including 56 army officers who were butchered and buried in shallow graves by mutinous border guards.

More info:



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