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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pamela Whible: The Electric Doctor! "...some of the best medical, motivational presentations and videos I have ever seen." Electric! No joke.

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Dear friends,

Just so you know, I'm listening to 'Forty Six & 2' by Tool while I type this...and that is the pumped up song you should imagine while reading this! Yeahhhh! Oh, and then I'll be listening to 'Black (LIVE)' by Pearl Jam on their 'Live at Benaroya Hall' CD. Good, magical music for a magical blog post and podcast I'm about to give ya! :)

Above and below are videos of Pamela, a good friend of mine. We both gave workshop at the Healthcare Justice Gathering at the Gesundheit Institute (as featured in the movie Patch Adams). She was friggin' electric... figuratively and literally...because she instructed everyone, including many medical students, how to remain a practicing, social justice, doctor without burning out and going into debt...and even gave everyone electric flashing glow in the dark steel blue and red earings! Why? Because healthcare Justice was meant to be fun, friends! Hell yeah! It was awesome later that night at the dance party with all the lights out watching red and blue faces flashing in the dark! Hella'cool! She has given some of the best doctor presentations and videos I have ever seen. No joke. The above one and the below two are just a sample and are short.

The wildest things happened too. When we both left the Healthcare Justice Gathering from West Virginia... She on an Amtrak train, I on Greyhound... I headed for Olympia... she headed for Eugene, Oregon.... The Greyhound had a lay-over in Portland...and I decided to walk around outside the Greyhound and maybe catch a later bus to Olympia, Washington later... and guess who yelled out my name? Pamela! No way! Yes way! Pamela had overslept and got off in Portland to Stretch.

She called my name, we hugged and were both bewildered by the whole thing. It was wild. Went and got something to eat and I saw her off on her train to Eugene and then jumped back on Greyhound later headed to my beloved Olympia.

A month ago or so I also sent her the hard-core,
uncut Oscar Grant article that I wrote (found by clicking here) that I wrote...and ya know what she did? She loved it and sent it to all of her patients and friends! And I know she did it because she kept me on the CC email list! Now that is solidarity for a better world!

So as I encourage you to check out her videos... it actually makes me happy to do it! Because she is awesome!

I'm trying to convince her to do an in-person interview on our radio show. It will be the event of the year, friends! Look forward to that possibility friends!

Keep working for a better world!

WOoOOoooooooo Yeah!

-T. Love

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Here is recent video to another doctor, who I love dearly, who I met at the Gesundheit Institute and is now a Board member of the Freeschool Community:
Dr. Bonnie Gifford instructing you on how to eat locally.

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